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Should you need any information pls do not hesitate to contact our customer service:

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Deliveries within the EU:
Deliveries to the EU countries are taxes exempt. No other duties is required. If you own a VAT number (EU countries) you can get the VAT exemption for purchases within the European Union. All you need is your VAT number is valid for transactions within the European Union. Pls check with the fiscal authorities in your country.

Attention:the info provided are under your complete responsibilty.

The VAT NUMBER SINTAX AS FOLLOWS : 2 Letters as country code (eg SE for SWEDEN) followed by a number of digits (from 8 to 12 digits).


All of our products come with the full world manufacturer warranty. Electrical parts, seals and all the parts normally worn out are not covered by warranty unless differently indicated.
According to the European Rules (European Union ) all the products come with a 24 months warranty when the client is an individual/private.When the order is placed by a Company/Business name the warranty period is 12 months. Warranty period outside European Union is 12 months.

In case of faulty product you need to get in touch with the our company first. We will give instructions how to manage the problem .The client can be addressed to the local service center (if any ):alternatively we organize the collecting of the machine to be fixed or replaced by our technical service. This depends by the nature of the problem also.

We are legitimate resellers: some manufacturers and distributors websites provide uncorrect information with statements like :

- ....These resellers provide only basic manufacturers warranty, their warranty is not valid in the UK ,Denmark or Sweden…

- ....These resellers are not authorized to sell in the UK,Denmark or Sweden ....

There is no such thing as being authorized to sell in the United Kingdom, Denmark or Sweden :any resellers can offer his goods or services in any EU country (with few exceptions only).This is one of the basic principles of the European Union and any attempt to hinder the free flow of goods is illegal and should be reported to your local authorities.

There is only a European EU warranty( Swedish or Italian warranty is just without sense). The law is very clear on this: you as a consumer have the right the service your product at any service centre in any EU country within the warranty period (meaning that if you buy a product from a UK reseller you can service it in Sweden, Germany or Portugal etc and vice versa if you buy a product from a Italian, Irish or Swedish company you can service it in the UK, Germany etc…)

If any 'authorized' service centre refuses to service a product justifying this fact that the product has been bought in a different European Union country, please be aware that this practice is illegal and should be reported immediately to us and to your local authorities.

Here are some useful links:

EU consumer protection

Consumer rights United Kingdom

Follow this link to report an abuse:

Consumer Direct UK

Electrical product specifications.

The electrical standard in Europe is 220-240volt-50 hz.All the electrical appliances we carry come with that standard.

Plug .

The electrical products come with the 2 pins plug (named as Schuko or German type).This plug is used in the most of the European countries ( Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Spain......).

On request it's available the UK 3 pins plug .

We sell new machines only
Pls note that most of the machine we sell are tested at the manufacturers. Due to this testing you could find water residual in the boiler of some machines (espresso machines).



  • YOU WILL BE CHARGED IN EURO, the equivalent in your local currency will be calculated by your bank.
    You can pay in yr local currency choosing PAYPAL as payment method.

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