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Price: EUR 1.541,56
Cat.: Electric Kitchenware

Oranfresh Expressa

- Whole orange loading
- Automatic orange cutting
- Removable squeezing unit for easy cleaning
- Detachable spent peels container to collect up to 25 oranges, equipped with a special “pull handle” to spread the peels inside

Expressa Professional is the smallest, low cost, automatic juicer in the world made by Oranfresh®. Its quality, toughness and reliability are guaranteed by the high technology and the food-safe materials used. Compact and easy to use, Expressa Professional is suitable to be fitted on bars, hotels, fitness centers, offices and shops counter. Thanks to Expressa Professional, the fresh orange juice is a natural source of Vitamin C giving energy and wellbeing, as recommended by nutritionists. Expressa Professional, thanks to its patented citrus extractor Oranfresh®, pulls apart in a few seconds the bitter oil contained on the peel, serving a delightful orange juice and preventing you from getting your hands dirty. Just put the whole oranges into the juicer, push the button and the machine will provide a 100%25 natural juice with nutritional and healthy features of the whole fresh fruit.

Technical features
Processing speed: from 11 to 13 oranges per minute, with a two-speed switch Fruit size: up to 76 mm of diameter (calibre 7-8-9)
Construction: high quality food grade plastic polymer materials, dishwasher-safe at 60 °C
Size: cm 56 (22 inches) height, cm 22 (8 inches) width, cm 43 (16 inches) depth Weight: 12 kg 25.8 lbs
Power supply: 220V/50Hz - 115V/60Hz
Cleaning time: 30 seconds for a fast cleaning - 90 seconds for the whole juice extraction components cleaning

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